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Frequently Asked Questions

My First Visit

Our Facility


Parking….. it’s FREE! We have two lots connected to the building where your first 90 mins is free. Don’t forget to enter your license into the park plus machine


Lockers are available for all participants at no charge. If you forgot your lock, we have you covered.


Rowing torches calories so expect to sweat! The good news is we have a great locker facility with private showers and all products to make it easier to carry out your day after a workout. Towel service for all participants is also included.


Frequently asked questions about being a member of the CrewClub

What are the costs?

You have a couple options… Single classes are $20 per class. 6 row pass is $115, 24 row pass is $408 and a monthly gym membership is $65.

Can I trial the Crew Club before joining?

Of course, we would love for you and a friend to give it a try.  Simple give us a call and ask for the best class to try out and we will set you up.

Class Registration

Step 1 – Sign up on our partner site MindBody

Step 2 – Purchase passes

Step 3 – Register for your desired class

Gym memberships are purchased over the phone or in house.

What to bring

What should you bring to the rowing classes.

What gear do I need to bring?

Bring comfortable running shoes and a water bottle. We have 4 water filling stations so you will never wait in line to fill your bottle.

Do I need my own yoga mat?

If you’re attending our Crew Renew class, we have plenty of mats. If you have that special connection to your own mat, please feel free to bring it to your yoga class

Do you have towel service?

Yep, all participants have free towel service for post work out showers, as well as sweat towels during your work out.

What do I bring for bike trainer use?

We supply the power trainer, but you will need to bring your bike and mobile device to run your training software.

We do have extra Ipads when needed.

Class Expectations

Frequently asked questions about the Rowing Classes

How long are the classes?

Classes are 45 min long so if your butt cheeks start to get sensitive while on the Erg don’t worry, soon your body will get accustomed to the movement. For the first couple classes we encourage you to get off the Erg a couple times through class to give your sit bones a break.

What types of machines do you use?

At CrewClub we use the Concept ERG 2 machine. . Chances are you won’t hear our coaches call the machines “rowers”, that’s because they aren’t rowers. The guy or gal on the machine doing all the hard work is the “rower” You will almost always hear the machine called an Erg.

Which class is best for beginners?

Our signature Crew class will teach you the breakdown and proper technique of a stroke and how to become an efficient rower. As you become more efficient in this class you will get more out of the other classes offered.

Which class is best for a harder workout?

Crew Cross will keep your workouts fresh and creative. Incorporating that efficient stroke, you learned in Crew and combing all other sorts of weighted and body weight functional movements to get you the best results.

Any Question

If you still have any doubt, contact us.