Dave Amundrud

20 Mar
Sean’s main passion of hockey led him to a career in fitness. He played elite Junior “A” Hockey for four years as well as ACAC Men’s Hockey- winning 2 National Men’s Championships. Sean has spent time in Thailand where he trained full time in MMA and May Thai. Having spent time trying to bulk up in his youth- exhausting the bench press, biceps curls and supplement ¬†experimentation- he has since shifted his focus towards addresses muscular imbalances through the use of proper primal movement patterns which encourage the body and mind to work as one unit.
Sean is ready to pass his knowledge and experience onto new and existing clients of Crew Club.
20 Mar
Danika knows a thing or two about rowing; she spent her youth rowing through junior and high school before moving on to the senior, collegiate, and provincial levels. Throughout her rowing career she has actively coached junior and high school, as well as recreational and collegiate programs. When it comes to program design, the rowing community knows where to look- Danika has consistently been their go-to gal for program development and coordination. Really, when you think about it, how could we not have Danika as an instructor? She’s a powerhouse who brings 20 years of investment and experience in the Canadian rowing community to our studio.
Danika is excited to be a part of the Crew Club team and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with the only rowing studio in Calgary owned by a fellow rower, using top of the line performance ergs. Participants in her class can expect a ton of information about your body and the rowing stroke coming your way- function and injury prevention are her jam!
In Danika’s world of rowing, she believes that every class should have an outcome, whether it’s a physical or physiological, every class that you come to will have a clear goal so that you walk away from each session knowing that you made a positive change to your body.
20 Mar
Owner of Crew Club Athletics
Crew Club Athletics is rooted in its founder in its founder. Bruce Robertson and his teammates who rowed to a gold medal victory in the Men’s 8’s competition at the 1992 Summer Olympic in Barcelona.
Bruce began rowing competitively in 1984 at the Calgary Rowing Club and was competing at an international level by 1986. With a long list of international successes Bruce started attending Oxford University in England, rowing for the Oxford Blue in 1993 Oxford Cambridge Boat Race. Having been Head Coach of the Calgary Rowing Club and Vice President of Rowing Canada. In his role with Rowing Canada, he is responsible for High Performance program training rowers for both the National and Olympic Teams. Canada was ranked as the #1 rowing nation in the world when Bruce was on the team.